Lake Michigan has over 3,200 miles of freshwater coastline along with thousands of lakes, rivers and streams!

Surrounding all this water is family owned farms, plenty of green spaces with hiking trails, fishing holes and campsites. Further inland are bustling metropolitan centers full of great restaurants, shopping, entertainment and so much more.

Below are just a few of this area's top attractions.
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My old Kentucky Home State Park

Located in Bardstown, Kentucky you’ll get to tour and explore Federal Hill, a former plantation built in 1795 by US Senator John Rowan. In fact the song, My Old Kentucky Home was written after a visit to Federal Hill. On site is a gift shop, an 18-hole golf course along with camping facilities and an amphitheater.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, this is one of the world’s most recognized auto racing museums. Included is an extensive trophy collection and the Tony Hulman Theater featuring a 20 minute presentation of historic footage along with Indy 500 highlights.

Sears Tower Observatory

Located on the 103rd floor of the 110 story Sear Tower, now known as the Willis Tower, the Skydeck offers spectacular views spanning up to four states depending on the weather. There are interactive exhibits and even a glass balcony called the Ledge which extends four feet outside the Tower. 

Spirit of Chicago Dinner Cruise

Leaving from Chicago’s Navy Pier this cruise around Lake Michigan is the perfect combination of dining, entertainment and enjoying the skyline voted #1 in America.  

 City of Milwaukee

City of Milwaukee

Milwaukee City Tour

Enjoy the best that Milwaukee has to offer from shopping, brewery tours, specialty restaurants, museums, galleries in this all-encompassing tour. 

Cheese Factory Tour

Wisconsin is the home of cheese! Producing more than 35 percent of all cheese made in the America, much of it is made in small, family owned factories. Enjoy educational tours along with retail shopping and best of all, free samples!

Mackinac Island Horse Drawn Carriage Tour

This is best way to experience Mackinac Island! The tour stops by some of the most popular attractions on the island including the Surrey Hills Museum and the Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory. 

Lunch at the Grand Hotel

Opened in 1887, the Grand Hotel has over the years combined modern amenities while preserving the original charm, architecture and ambiance of an inn on an island where cars are not allowed and horse drawn carriages are the favored mode of transportation. 


A combination of food, shopping and entertainment along with traditional Bavarian hospitality is this town’s claim to fame. 

Henry Ford Museum

This museum covers over nine acres and includes all things automotive. There are exhibits of the history of automobiles past and present, you can take a tour of the Ford factory, visit the Henry Ford Museum Store, and enjoy several different dining options including a hot dog from the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Café.

 Henry Ford Museum

Henry Ford Museum

Dinner and Harness Racing at the Red Mile

At the oldest existing racetrack in Lexington, Kentucky, you’ll experience an exciting evening of horse harness racing along with a great meal all in full view of the track.  

 Red Mile Race Track

Red Mile Race Track