Are unsure about whether solo or group travel would suit you best?  Do you love to travel and want moments that take your breath away?

Welcome to ONE.

  The ONE place you can be certain of your destination, the ONE is the place that you can relax and enjoy and experience travel like never before. ONE offers remarkable travel destinations at affordable rates and the benefit and safety of touring with friends.  ONE takes the stress out of planning and put the enjoyment back into the journey.

Travel with benefits.

When you're traveling with other people, there's always someone else around to share in your good times. For many people this is the best part of traveling - there's always someone to do things with, laugh with, share stories with, and make memories with. Need someone to take your picture in front of a monument? Or someone to help you translate something into a foreign language? Or maybe you're directionally challenged and need someone to prevent you from getting lost in a strange place. These are just some of the reasons traveling with friends is a bonus.