Experience an Eco Adventure in Florida!

While everyone knows that Florida is home to Disney World and plenty of beautiful beaches, few know the true extent of what the Sunshine State has the offer! Florida is a great destination for the more adventurous at heart.

Check out what an Eco Trip to Florida could have in store for you:

1. Kayaking / Airboat Ride on the Chassahowitzka River

 Image Source:  chazriverkeepers.org

Image Source: chazriverkeepers.org

Paddle up lazy streams meandering through breathtaking scenery on clear water. Chock full of wildlife, this is the best way to see dozens of bird species, and possibly elusive wildlife like river otters, alligators, deer, and manatees. 

2. Snorkeling with Manatees

 Image Source:  SwimWithManateesTours

Image Source: SwimWithManateesTours

During this excursion, your captain and first mate will take you out into the springs on a pontoon boat in search of manatees in the calm water of the Homosassa River. You will pass by Monkey Island and see spider monkeys and learn about why monkeys are living on that island. Then the “hunt” begins. Once the manatees are spotted, your captain will anchor and everyone will get in the water for a life-changing snorkel with manatees.

3. Explore Plantation Resort on Crystal River

 Image Source:  TravelZoo

Image Source: TravelZoo

This 232 acre, eco-friendly resort is surrounded by the natural springs of Kings Bay. This bay in Crystal River is one of the largest aquifers in the state and home to more than 400 West Indian manatees that migrate each year to the warmth of the springs.

4. Homosassa Wildlife Park

 Image Source:  Amazing Places

Image Source: Amazing Places

Before departing this beautiful state, visit the Homosassa Wildlife Park where orphaned or injured wildlife that represent Florida can be found. This is a perfect place to learn about some of the Florida birds, reptiles, and other wildlife that you may have not seen or had the chance to photograph.

What kind of adventure will you find in Florida? Learn more by contacting Good News Travels today!


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