Memphis, Tennessee

A variety of music genres like Memphis soul, Memphis blues and sharecropper country music all began in and around this area. Beale Street is now a National Historical Landmark and includes Sam Phillips Sun Studio where Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis all created their first recordings. Memphis is also one of America’s premier barbecue towns. Home to mouthwatering ribs and pulled pork, if you are a BBQ connoisseur or music fan, you won’t want to miss this tour! 


Beale Street

Stroll around Beale Street at your own pace. Check out the historic district. Explore unique shops, restaurants, clubs and other attractions. 


Graceland Tour

Graceland is Elvis Presley’s long-time personal residence and final resting place. See his Music Room, Jungle Room, Trophy Room, his airplanes, cars, and even more at the Private Presley Museum. Then stop and pay your respects at the final resting place of Elvis and his parents in the Meditation Garden. 


Sun Recording Studio

Long considered the birthplace of Rock and Roll, this National Historic Landmark offers guided tours of where some of the most important figures in American music have recorded over the years. Everyone from Ike Turner to Elvis and Charlie Rich recorded at Sun. Today it is still an operating studio.


Rock N Soul Museum

Founded by the Smithsonian, the Rock n’ Soul Museum pays homage to the musical pioneers who overcame so much to create the legendary music we still enjoy to this day. There are seven galleries to explore and enjoy. 


The Pink Palace

The Pink Palace includes a museum, an IMAX theater, the Sharpe Planetarium, Coon Creek Science Center, Mallory-Neely House, the Magveney House and the Lichterman Nature Center. This versatile collection of historic, educational and technological attractions includes some of the most interesting in America. 


Gibson Guitar Factory

Located in downtown Memphis, this guided tour includes 16 different workstations all showcasing the most intricate steps in guitar building.  You’ll hear stories about different musicians, the history surrounding the factory and see legendary guitars owned by Elvis, Slash and Pete Townsend. 


Duck March at the Peabody Hotel

For over 80 years the Peabody Ducks have marched twice a day at 11 AM and 5 PM to the hotel’s marble fountain. This must see Memphis attraction was started in the early 1930s and while the original ducks are long gone, the current ducks reside on the Peabody’s hotel roof in their Royal Duck Palace while not marching or frolicking in the fountain. 


BBQ Dinner

You can’t come to Memphis without enjoying a traditional BBQ meal. From pulled pork to slow smoked ribs, true Memphis BBQ is considered a “dry” BBQ, which is a highly flavorful and less messier rub than what is served in other parts of the country. Most Memphis BBQ is normally served with sauce on the side so the rich rub and smoker flavor can be enjoyed.


Highlights shown above are just a few of this area's top attractions.
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