Known as the buckeye state, Ohio’s geographic location is just one of the reasons for its economical success. Along with major corporations, Ohio has many small family-owned businesses, some that have been around since the early 1800’s. Add to this mix the fact that in the early 19th century the Amish migrated from Pennsylvania and to this date continue to earn their living from farming, makes this part of Ohio a great educational tour.


Longaberger Basket Company

Offering handcrafted maple baskets, home accessories and pottery, Longaberger Basket Company was founded by Dave Longaberger, a second generation basket weaver. Unique and quirky, the Longaberger headquarters in Newark, Ohio is constructed in the shape of one of their most popular baskets, the Medium Market Basket.


The Warther Museum

Dedicated to Ernest Warther, this museum has guided tours that explain Ernest’s life story and how he created his spectacular carvings. The Warther home is also on tour along with the Button House, featuring over 73,000 mounted buttons. Carving was Ernest’s hobby while handcrafted kitchen cutlery was his livelihood. At the end of the carving tour, there is also a tour of the knife factory and retail shop.


Millers Amish Bakers

A must stop for fresh breads, pies, cookies, cakes and candies. 


National Road/Zane Grey Museum

This museum includes: the National Road exhibit detailing the early roadway that ran between the east coast and western frontier in the early 1800’s.  An exhibit on Zane Grey who was born and raised in Zanesville, including a recreation of his study and many of his original manuscripts. And an area devoted to unique Ohio pottery. 


U.S. Air Force Museum

Located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, this is the world’s largest and oldest military aviation museum. Included in the museum and on the grounds are over 360 aircraft and missiles.


Lehman’s Hardware Store

Known as a “Low Tech Superstore,” Lehman’s is the best source world-wide for non-electric appliances. The store itself is constructed from the remains of a log cabin, a hand hewn barn and three pre-Civil War buildings. 


Ohio River Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a scenic tour of the Ohio River along with a fantastic gourmet meal and plenty of live entertainment.


Family Dinner in an Amish Home

Experience Amish life up close and personal. Enjoy a family styled dinner in an actual Amish home along with a narration of their history and culture.