Brodie Bricker 


About Me

Hi, I’m Brodie Bricker from Mechanicsville, Virginia, and I have lived in Greenville, South Carolina for the past 51 years. I'm looking forward to being your Tour Manager on your upcoming trip as we travel together! 

My wife Janet and I live at Linkside at Pebble Creek in Greenville, SC, where I enjoy playing golf, BBQ-ing, fishing, and working with the youth at my church.

I have one son, Jeremy. He and his wife, Welles, and my two grandchildren, Maggie Rae (4) and Wyatt (3), live in Asheville, NC. As a former history teacher and school administrator for 48 years, I have a passion for history, cultures, and adventure. School trips have taken me across the US and to several foreign countries. For my high school graduation gift, I spent a month traveling in the Middle East and Europe. I was with a school group in Washington, DC several years ago and I ran into a former parent who was a GNT Master Tour Manager and she said to me, “You would love to travel with GNT.” When I got the call to visit, I did, and now I'm part of the GNT Family. 

Best Trip 

I've never had a bad trip, but one of the most memorable ones occurred when I took my academic team from the high school to compete in a National Competition in Chicago. When we got to the airport, I realized that most of them had never flown. My first grade son was along and he told them about what they could expect. He had been on several other flights with us. 

Why GNT? 

Relationships and Trust. When you travel with GNT, we customize the trip to fit your needs and exceptions. You can trust us to take care of all details, large and small, so you can enjoy the comfort and excitement of your travels. The most fun on our trips, however, come from the relationships and friendships we make. When you travel with us, you are part of the GNT family, and we take care of family. 

Travel Musts 

I never leave home without a raincoat, flashlight, phone, and a packsack for daytime excursions. It goes without saying to bring comfortable walking shoes.