Martie O'Shields

Hi, my name is Martie O’Shields. I live in Pickens County. I have three sons and five grandchildren. In my home are two English Bull dogs and an Amazon Yellow Headed Parrot. My grandchildren live in different states. I like to call a trip to family and friends a “Road Trip”. My grandchildren like to hear those words. Off we would go. When I was young I always wanted to see all the different places on the map.

I saw towns with odd names, places near and far away. In my day, we didn’t have GPS or smart phones. We had paper maps. 

During the time I have worked with GNT, I have learned a lot more about our country. When I travel with students, watching their excitement makes my heart jump for joy. I look forward to getting the trip book. Each trip is different and personalized to each group of children. I have seen the things they have studied come alive in their eyes. 

My Duties 

Before we start our adventure, I receive a Tour Manager notebook. This book is the life of the trip. It has all the details needed to make a special experience for our entire travel group. With this book, I have the phone numbers for the bus drivers, confirming reservations, getting special accommodations. 

Travel Musts 

I always travel with a raincoat, phone, iPad, snacks, and good walking shoes. I use a backpack to help me keep up with all the items needed for my trip. 

Final Thoughts 

My goal for each trip is that everyone stays safe, learns something new, and makes enjoyable memories.