Tour Manager Suzanne Brown

Suzanne Brown 

I am Suzanne Brown from Hilton Head Island, SC. I have had a passion for travel ever since my parents took me on my first vacation at 3 years old! 


I am originally from Kentucky, attended college at University of Tennessee and majored in Geography because I loved travel and tourism so much! After graduation, I took a job on the Mississippi Queen. During the time on the boat, I met a guy named Ben-who I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage with this fall. We moved to HHI after our boat days and never regretted it! Even though I still have to work full time for the Town of Hilton Head Island, I try to do as many tours as I can! 

I learned about being a tour manager a few years ago when having dinner with a friend that worked for a travel company. She told me about “Tour Manager” school so I had to look it up when I got home. I knew that was for me! I attended the school and one of my class mates told me about Good News Travels. I spoke to the owner and their beliefs and kindness had me hooked. 

My Role 

I enjoy being a tour manager because you get to meet so many new people and get to share new experiences with them. Before the trip begins, I am researching information about the areas and places and talking with the group leader, bus driver, hotels, vendors, and restaurants. It’s nice to have relationships before you even begin. Then meeting the passengers and learning about them is always a treat. 

Best Trip 

It’s hard to pick a favorite trip but one of the most memorable trips was a Christmas tour. We saw 2 amazing plays, ate at the Grove Park Inn and saw the Ginger Bread display, visited cute small towns decorated for Christmas and ended in Old Salem for a Christmas candlelight tour. I enjoyed Abington, VA so much that I am taking a friend there this fall! 

Travel Musts 

My travel must haves would be a phone, jacket, chap stick, water, maps, and tour manager note book! I set up my “little office” on my bus seat and am ready to go! 

Final Thoughts 

Being a tour manager and traveling opens your eyes to so many new opportunities and personalities. You get to see how different cultures live, what they eat, new terrain and it gets you out of your own world. Reading books about places is great, but getting to experience it is priceless!