Running Down the Hill


“When Clemson players rub that Rock and run down the Hill, it’s the most exciting 25 seconds in college football.”
Brent Musburger, ABC Sports 

Tradition at Clemson University isn't something that is taken lightly. From tiger rag, to singing the alma mater, to rubbing the rock Clemson has traditions that will last a life time. The most exciting 25 seconds of college football is a tradition which started out of convenience in the beginning, but now has turned into something bigger. Since 1942 the football team has been running down the hill to enter Death Valley at the start of each game. The dressing room for the football players was at the Fike Field House, which was closes to the east end zone. Because of the location it made more sense for the players to run down the hill to get into the stadium. For some people rubbing a rock and running down a hill seems insignificant, but to the Clemson Tigers it's a tradition.