QT Luong’s Treasured Lands

QT Luong, the 1st to photograph all 59 US National Parks, shows us how to capture some of America's greatest treasures in his book Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey Through America's National Parks. In an article by Kurt Repanshek on September 25th, 2016, NationalParksTraveler.com, Repanshek showcases the book and QT Luong photographic journey. National parks are far from one-dimensional. They hold history, beauty, and the natural world in all the nooks and crannies of their landscapes. Old-growth forests, canyons that streams and rivers have gnawed into the earth, colorful coral reefs, expansive lakes, and some of the first vestiges of human encounters with nature all are contained within the parks. This great diversity and intersections of nature are what draws QT Luong again and again into the National Park System with his cameras.

It was 2002 when the landscape photographer first completed a journey through all of the 58 "national parks" that existed at the time, an achievement no other large format photographer could claim. This feat was recognized by Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan in their landmark documentary, The National Parks: America's Best Idea. With parks scattered across half the globe, from National Park of American Samoa in the Pacific to Gates of Arctic National Park and Preserve near the roof of Alaska and Virgin Islands National Park in the Caribbean, it would have been easy, and far less expensive, for Luong to celebrate the National Park Service Centennial this year with a new book of photographs pulled from his archives from his earlier adventures through the park system.  Read more

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