About Our Journey with NTA!


For years, Good News Travels has enjoyed its partnership with the National Tour Association. One of 3 travel companies associated with NTA in South Carolina, GNT gains access to valuable networking opportunities as well as all the up-and-coming travel trends.  These connections not only benefit the company but also our Good News Travelers! But what exactly is NTA, and what makes this association so great? Here’s what you need to know!

Who is NTA?

NTA is the top business association for travel companies that serve customers traveling to, from, and within North America. NTA currently has over 700 “buyer members” which refers to tour companies who market and sell travel packages. The association also has “seller members” which include destinations, attractions, and tour suppliers. By organizing such a large number of qualified professionals from the travel industry and connecting them with each other, NTA has become the leader in business-to-business networking for travel.

What Are the Benefits?

There are four main benefits that GNT gains by being a part of NTA.

1. Access to Events: NTA hosts industry events each year for its members, bringing professionals together to discuss the current challenges of the business and to create new partnerships.

2. Staying Informed: NTA keeps on top of what is happening in travel and relays that information to its members, whether that be through its magazine or weekly newsletter.

3. Education: One of NTA’s main priorities is ensuring that its members are well-equipped to serve travelers as best they can. They do this by offering seminars, webinars, and the Certified Tour Professional Program.

4. Exposure: Often, tour companies face the obstacle of actually reaching their intended audience and getting their brand out there. With the market knowledge that NTA can provide, as well as the advertising options they offer, members are open to a whole new world of opportunities.

What Does This Mean for Our Travelers?

It’s quite apparent how beneficial the NTA is to Good News Travels, but the advantages don’t end there. The world of travel is very wide. For one company to know every single aspect of the industry would be impossible. By being a part of the nation’s largest network of professionals, those travelling with an NTA-certified company such as Good News can know that their tour provider knows what’s going on and has valuable business connections across the nation!

You can find out even more about NTA and how it operates on their website!