Something New Coming to Biltmore

Biltmore just announced that something exciting and new is coming to its beautiful grounds! It will only be here for six months, and you definitely don't want to miss out. Starting in May of 2018, the work of Dale Chihuly will be on exhibition in Biltmore's historic gardens!

Image Source: Biltmore

Image Source: Biltmore


Dale Chihuly is a sculptor that creates glass-blown creations unlike anything you've ever seen. Glass is an extremely difficult medium to work with, yet Chihuly uses it for the basis of his displays, which incorporate the sculpture into its surroundings. 

Chihuly's role in glass-blowing has changed immensely over the years. After studying and practicing his art in school for many years, he began his career, and quickly became a success. At the age of 38, however, he dislocated his shoulder in an accident and was unable to hold a glassblowing pipe, so he hired people to do it. In an interview, Chihuly explained this transition saying, "Once I stepped back, I enjoyed the view." He describes his role as "more choreographer than dancer, more supervisor than participant, more director than actor."

Image Source: Halcyon Gallery

Image Source: Halcyon Gallery

All that being said, Chihuly is certainly a visionary artist whose work will blend in perfectly with the already gorgeous estate at Biltmore. What else is so special about this exhibit?

1. It's the first art exhibition to be held in Biltmore's historic gardens (as well as the first garden exhibition of Chihuly's work in North Carolina)

2. It's the first time that Biltmore has opened up the gardens at night. Visitors will enjoy a stunning visual display of lights and colors.

3. It comes with a wonderful nightlife atmosphere. During this event, there's going to be live music in the gardens, a wine bar, and a great view of the sunset over the mountains.

4. It's Biltmore! While you're strolling the gardens and enjoying the exhibit, don't forget that you are on the estate of the largest private home in America. Take in the history and beauty of it all!

This is going to be such an exciting time at Biltmore - and we can help you plan your trip. Contact us today!

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