How to Be an Effective Group Travel Leader

It's no secret that there are many ways to travel these days. Some like to explore the world solo, while others prefer travelling with their family. Still, others enjoy the benefits that come along with group travel. How convenient it is to allow someone else to handle your accommodations and itinerary and to have a seasoned tour manager there to guide your trip!

No matter how much your tour company handles for you, though, it is still important to have a designated member within your group that can speak on the group's behalf and serve as a leader before and during the trip. The group leader is an essential part of the travel process, as they communicate between the group and the company.

Here are four tips for being an excellent group leader on your next trip!

1. Be prepared.

This one is a no-brainer, but it's worth saying. Yes, your tour manager will know all the details of the trip, but you should too! Be prepared for the questions that will inevitably come your way from members of the group.

2. Know your group.

Whether you've got a group of 100 kids or 30 adults, it's important to know the nature of the people you're leading. Will they adapt well to a sudden change in the plan? Do any of them need special accommodations? What attractions will interest them most?

3. Stay organized.

As a group leader, you are responsible for relaying a lot of information between a lot of people. There are payment deadlines that you must ensure your group members keep up with. There is also the task of getting group member information to the tour company. It is so important for you to keep all your files and due dates organized during this preparation time.

4. Be a cheerleader.

As a leader, it's your responsibility to get the group pumped up. Chances are, your group will be hitting the road very early in the morning. Everyone will be tired - and probably grumpy - so it's quite important that you have a smile on your face. The same goes for during the day. Your group may get tired of walking around, so put a little pep in your step to encourage them throughout the day!

Being a group leader is such an important and fun job to have! What are some other qualities that you feel are important to have in such a position?