Travel Teaches How To Prepare Students For Life!

Student travel helps build self-esteem, independence, tolerance and cultural awareness, while breaking down barriers to a child’s personal, educational and social development. Patterns and habits embraced when traveling at an early age are known to influence future.  I am interested in a field trip!

"Respondents of all types confirm that students who travel are more motivated to seek further education, progress in their social competences and improvement of a wide array of abilities."

According to The SYTA (Student Youth Travel Association) in their recent study of the Student Travel market, research confirmed the importance of travel in the life of a child.  Most importantly, teachers state that student travel prompts a transformation, through which students grow their ambitions to know, learn and explore.  In addition to improved intellectual motivation and curiosity, teachers highlight increased individual self-esteem, better self-expression, teamwork skills and adaptability. After participating in a trip, students wish to travel more, which naturally starts a new cycle of learning opportunities as a part of their future tours.  Finally, familiarization with new cultures increases young peoples’ tolerance and respectfulness.  When experienced at an early
age, this has the potential to positively influence them throughout their life.  Content and Research