Gettysburg | Remember and Reflect

The Battle of Gettysburg is often described as being the turning point of the Civil War. It was also the battle involving the largest number of casualties during the war. So many men died fighting for what they believed was right. Today, the town of Gettysburg honors these fallen soldiers while educating visitors on the history of the site. Check out these three attractions on your visit to this historic place:

  • Gettysburg National Military Park: Tour the battlefield and discover the significant sites of this dramatic event! Take part in an evening campfire or a specialized battle walk, and reflect on the sacrifice made by so many Americans at the “Friend to Friend” Memorial. The Military Park is an awesome way to not only learn about the history of Gettysburg, but to earn a greater respect for those who helped to shape our nation into what it is today.
  • Gettysburg Museum of History: The Gettysburg Museum of History, the most famous in Gettysburg, is home to over 4,000 artifacts. With exhibits on the Civil War, both World Wars, JFK, and Elvis, there’s sure to be something there that will interest you. It has even been featured on shows such as American Pickers for its rich display of American history.
  • Gettysburg National Cemetery: The cemetery is a beautiful memorial to those who have lost their lives defending our freedoms as Americans. Some graves hold a number of unidentified soldiers, while others are marked with names. There are numerous other monuments, including the New York Monument, as well as the monument to Lincoln’s Address.

If American history is of any interest to you, and even if it isn’t, Gettysburg is sure to leave you in awe. Make a point to visit some of these sites on your next visit to Pennsylvania!