Travel Technology | What's New?

Most people are aware of how simple it has become to book flights and reserve hotel rooms online or how many apps are out there to make travel easier. Travel and technology seem to go hand in hand these days. Here are four emerging technologies you may not have heard of that are sure to revolutionize the way everyone travels:

  • Wearable Translators: Language barriers don’t have to be an issue anymore! Wearable translators allow instant communication between you and anyone you encounter. While they are still relatively new to the market, costing a few hundred dollars on average, they are becoming more and more common. Mobile apps require Wi-Fi or cellular data , but wearable translators come preprogrammed to translate everyday conversations without any sort of connection.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence has slowly been making its way onto the scene for several years now – the most notable development being personal assistants such as Siri, Okay Google, and Alexa. You ask a question, and they respond. The same is being done in the travel industry. Online “chatbots” talk to you, discover your preferences, and help to make your travel planning go smoothly.

Smart Luggage: New developments in luggage make travel safer and more convenient. Smart Luggage Locks allow you to lock your suitcase from a mobile app. Losing the key is no longer a worry. Smart locks such as these are approved by the TSA, who are able to unlock your suitcase without having to break it open. New suitcases and backpacks have also begun installing batteries within the luggage, allowing users to charge their mobile device from anywhere!

  • RFID Protective Wallets: As more card readers begin to implement “tap-to-use” technology, it becomes increasingly common for identity thieves to steal your card information while the card is still in your wallet or purse. RFID protectors prevent this from taking place and keep your information safe from others. 

The future of travel is happening now, and each day we are progressing even more. It’s never been easier to experience the world! Why wait?