Hit the Road | 20 Road Trip Resources

Image Source: PopSugar

Image Source: PopSugar

If you’ve been keeping up with our road trip series so far, you know that the United States is home to the absolute best road trip routes and destinations. Maybe you’ve already decided where to road trip to this fall. Maybe you have a group of friends all ready to hit the road, but getting into the details of planning can be tedious. How much money should you be budgeting for things like gas and lodging? How long should you spend at each stop? These are important questions that should be answered ahead of time to make your trip go smoothly, and luckily, the Internet is full of resources that will help you along in this process.

Here are 20 great apps and websites to use on your next road trip!!

Before You Go

1. PackingPro

While some people can toss items in a bag and be ready to hit the road, others spend a good amount of time writing out packing lists before putting anything in a suitcase. Packing Pro features hundreds of pre-made lists that you can tweak and share with others very easily, saving you time and effort. 

2. Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just for dessert recipes and DIY projects anymore. In recent years, it has become a hub for travel bloggers and enthusiasts to share travel inspiration and information with each other. Search any town, and there’s sure to be dozens of images and articles that can help you plan your visit.

3. RoadTrippers

This is fantastic resource if you don’t yet know what exactly you want to see or what the best route to take is. Simply enter your starting and ending points, and Roadtrippers will show you how to get there, along with interesting stops along the way that are worth checking out.

4. TripAdvisor

Read reviews from real travelers on hotels, attractions, and restaurants. And if you don’t know yet what you want to do, you can check out the top-rated items in the city to get some ideas.

5. Airbnb

By now, most people know that Airbnb is a great resource for booking accommodations, rented out by the homeowner. Airbnb also has a cool feature now that allows locals to provide “Experiences” whether that be an interactive tour of the best food in town or a walking tour of the city’s notable historic buildings.

6. Hotels.com

For most people, the traditional hotel is the preferred form of accommodation. Hotels.com has listings and ratings of plenty of hotels in whatever area you may find yourself. You can book directly through the website and earn rewards, such as free nights after a certain number of stays.

On the Road

7. Google Maps 

This is a fairly obvious one but definitely worth mentioning. Google Maps is one of the best GPS applications available and is used by many travelers.

8. RoadNinja

RoadNinja is the perfect app to act as your little travel companion. It knows what services are available at every single exit ramp, and you can filter these services out to see only what you’re interested in, such as restaurants, camping sites, or even department stores.

9. America's Byways

At some point in your trip, you will become tired of Interstates and boring highways and need a change of scenery. America’s Byways is a great program that uses your location to help you find the scenic route nearest you.

10. Wanderu

If you find yourself without a car during your travels for some reason, Wanderu is an easy way to book bus and train travel for practically any city in the world.

11. TV Food Maps

If you are a fan of cuisine/travel shows such as Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Man vs. Food, or Bizarre Foods, you’re in luck. This website can tell you exactly where the restaurants from most any food show are located. There is also a GPS feature that can alert you when you are near a restaurant from TV.

12. GasBuddy

GasBuddy has everything you need to know about where to find the cheapest gas and which gas stations get the best reviews. This is a great tool if you are on a tight budget when it comes to fuel.

13. HearPlanet

HearPlanet has been referred to as “The World’s Largest Audio Guide.” Using geolocation, the app acts as a digital tour guide, telling you what you’re seeing around you as you wander through a new city.

14. Panorama360

This app is one of the best for capturing stunning 360 degree panoramas on your phone. See what other people are capturing on the RealTime feed, and share your exciting shots with the world.

15. Waze

Much like Google Maps, Waze is a GPS application that provides information such as routes and ETAs. This app also provides real-time information on traffic, road hazards, speed limits, and road closures, all submitted by your fellow “Wazers.”

16. SitOrSquat

Probably the most odd resource on this list, SitOrSquat is an app that shows you where the nearest public restroom is at any given moment. You can also rate the restrooms with “Sit” (meaning you would use that restroom again) or “Squat” (meaning you would not recommend going to that bathroom).

17. CityMapper

Never again will travelers struggle to figure out how to get from point A to point B in every new city they visit. CityMapper is one of the easiest ways to navigate a city. It gives you the quickest route, whether that involves a train, bus, subway, taxi, or walking.

18. GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide is a great app for booking tickets to all kinds of attractions. It saves so much time when you can walk right in instead of waiting in line at the ticket booth.

19. BonAppetour

BonAppetour is a company that strives to provide people with authentic food experiences. Enjoy high tea in the Upper East Side of New York, or experience seafood Louisiana style in New Orleans. The options are truly limitless.

20. Field Trip

This app is your guide to the cool, unique places hidden along the road. It runs in the background of your phone, and when you near something interesting, a notification pops up, telling you more about the place.

We often take for granted the unlimited supply of information that sits at our fingertips every single day. Hopefully, as you plan your next trip, this list of resources will help you better utilize that information to have the best vacation ever!

This is week 5 of our Friday Fall Road Trip series! If you missed the others, you can find them here! And as always, be sure to keep up with all the GNT happenings on social media!

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