How Travel Motivates Students

A couple months ago, we talked about the benefits of student travel. Class trips provide students with academic value, emotional growth, new experiences, and so much more. In an article from ACIS, a leader in educational travel, the author describes student travel as a motivational tool! 

Image: Bright Spark Travel

Image: Bright Spark Travel

The excitement of travel encourages students to discover the world for themselves. Most teachers can agree that students who have a desire to learn are going to perform better in academics. But how do we give students this willingness to learn? How do we know that they are on the track to a more motivated learning style? According to the article, there are four indicators, and they can all be achieved through travel.

Autonomy: Travel gives students more freedom to make their own decisions.

Competence: Putting students in unfamiliar situations convinces them that they are capable of tackling challenges on their own.

Relatedness: Travel puts teachers and students together in situations outside of the classroom. Students can connect better with their teachers this way and strengthen their relationships.

Relevance: Travel allows students to learn through experience and not merely through a textbook.

Travel is a great way to inspire better classroom habits and life-long learning! 

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