Rhode Island's Rail Explorers

Image Source: RailExplorers.net

Image Source: RailExplorers.net

When you hear about Rhode Island’s “Rail Explorers,” this is probably not what comes to mind! These pedal-powered railroad vehicles date back to the 1850s and have since become one of Rhode Island’s “must-do” attractions. Rail Explorers are the best way to see the beautiful landscapes of Rhode Island and are perfect for all ages and physical abilities. Here's everything you need to know about this unique activity!

It's a great bonding experience.

The Rail Explorers fleet is made up of quad and tandem vehicles, meaning you and your partner/group will have to work together to get moving. Vehicles can also be linked together into a long train for your larger groups!

It's a fun and relaxing activity.

As mentioned before, Rail Explorers are suitable for any physical activity. The terrain is primarily flat (since it was once used for real trains), making it a smooth and comfortable ride from start to finish.

It's an educational experience. 

Themed Rail Explorer tours are also an option. They come with a tour guide who is knowledgable about history, nature, and railroads! Even if you don't go with a guide, each explorer receives a written guide that outlines history and notable spots, aligning with mile markers along the ride.