How to Promote Your School Group Tour

So you’ve chosen a destination and picked the dates for your school field trip. You’ve designed a wonderful and educational itinerary with your tour agency. You’re all set to have the best group tour imaginable, but you still need one thing. Participation.

What’s the best way to encourage students to register? How are parents going to get the necessary information?

Here are five ideas to promote your upcoming field trip!

Bulletin board with yellow post-it note

Create a bulletin board

Display pictures and fun facts about the field trip destination in your classroom or in the hallway! Make the bulletin board fun and creative to catch the students’ eyes. Be sure to include important information about trip registration deadlines as well as photos of trips from previous years.

Post to your classroom website

Many parents check the classroom website in order to keep up with classroom happenings. Put the trip information front and center on your homepage, so parents won’t miss any important details!

Send letters home with an incentive

Often, letters that get sent home with students never make it out of their backpacks. Incentivize students with small rewards to have their parents sign the field trip information and return it to the classroom!

Post on social media

Social media is a quick and easy way to get information out there! You can post through school accounts or on your own teacher profile if you have one set up. Create posts highlighting the different activities that are going to take place on the trip, and post reminders when deadlines are approaching.

Hand out flyers at school events

School events are a great place to get the word out about an upcoming field trip. Hand out flyers at PTA meetings, put up posters at sporting events, or set up a table at orientation. The more you talk to others about the trip, the faster word will spread.

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