The Adler Planetarium

The Adler Planetarium, America's oldest planetarium, believes that ever since the first curious person looked up at the night sky, people all over the world have challenged themselves to uncover its secrets. What are stars? How did they get there? Why does our view of the sky change throughout the year? What holds the Universe together? The planetarium keeps space within our reach through innovative programs, interactive experiences

During your visit, you can follow the Universe from earliest days and see how galaxies, stars, planets—and all the atoms in your body—were created as the Universe multiplied. You can travel a billion light years from home and investigate objects deep in space through the eyes of ultra-high resolution telescopes.  The Adler Planetarium has a staff of "stars" that study, explore and move the needle on space study and exploration. 

Visit the Adler night or day and take flight into space!  For more information visit

Photo Courtesy of Adler Planetarium

Photo Courtesy of Adler Planetarium

Here's what Astronomer Lucianne Walkowicz had to say about working at the Adler.

Why do you love working at the Adler?
I love working at the Adler because I get to pursue cutting-edge research while being an “Ambassador to the Stars!”