5 Tips for Traveling with Students

For some teachers, the word “field trip” invites excitement and enthusiasm. For others, it can present some anxiety, especially if they have never taken such a large number of students on a trip before. Don’t let the idea of a big field trip overwhelm you, though!

Here are 5 tips to ensure your next field trip goes smoothly!

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

  1. Prepare your students.

    You can prepare your students for the trip in many different ways! When going through lessons in class, be sure to relate the material being discussed to what students will be witnessing in the real world. These connections will be important in engaging the students when they see historic sites and landmarks in person.

    Also, be sure to remind students about what will and will not be allowed while traveling. Let them know very far in advance what the policy on cell phones, games, and other toys is.

  2. Communicate with chaperones.

    Your parent chaperones are an important factor in the success of your field trip! Have an effective means of communicating with your chaperones before and during the trip. Remind is a great tool for sending out reminders and live updates to every parent at once.

  3. Establish field trip rules beforehand.

    While rules are not every student’s favorite topic of discussion, it’s important to have a definite list of what is expected during the trip. It may be useful to have each student sign a “Behavior Contract” before traveling or to assign small groups of students to each chaperone.

  4. Be flexible.

    Anything can happen when traveling, so you must be prepared to adapt to any changes in the schedule. Arrive early on the day of departure to be sure you have everything you need and to assist students and parents who may have last-minute questions. If something comes up during the trip, stay calm and talk with your tour agency about alternative activities and back-up plans.

  5. Keep the group engaged.

    It is no secret that field trips can be exhausting. By the second or third day, students might be getting tired, and you probably are too. Put on a bright, smiling face each morning, and keep students going with positive words. Remind them how fortunate they are to have the opportunity to travel. Keeping spirits high will make for a better trip for everyone involved!

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