Tour Operator FAQs

Perhaps this is your first time working alongside a tour agency to plan your educational group travel experience. Or maybe you’ve traveled with a tour operator before, but you still have some questions about why and how things work. In any case, we’re ready to cover some of the questions most commonly asked of us as tour operators!


Why should I use a tour operator?

This is perhaps the biggest question. What is the benefit of hiring a tour agency to plan your travels? Simply put, planning travel for large groups involves hundreds of tiny little details, and tour operators know the ins and outs of the entire process. We’ve got everything handled. From transportation and accommodations to meals and insurance, there isn’t much that you as an educator will need to worry about. You can devote all your time to the education aspect of it all and helping students connect classroom materials to their trip.

Tour operators also have connections that you simply won’t have if you plan the trip on your own! We’ve been working with our vendors for years and are well acquainted with the people and companies at your destination.

What does the process of planning a tour look like?

Every company is different. Some tour operators offer fixed tours that offer little customization. At Good News Travels, however, each tour is completely customizable! We sit down with you (the group leader), get to know you and what your group is like, and take a look at all the things you want to see and do on the trip! It’s a very collaborative process, and it ensures that everything is designed with your travelers in mind.

We are always there to make professional suggestions regarding your itinerary and will even throw in some personal touches to make it all that much more memorable!

What can I as the group leader do to make the process easier?

While it is the tour operator’s job to plan the trip, it’s the teachers that are really at the heart of the experience. Having a clear goal for the field trip and expressing your excitement to the students will go a long way when departure time rolls around. Good group leaders communicate to their group what is expected of them and are able to keep their students engaged.


What are some other questions you have for your tour operator? Let us know in the comments or on social media!