Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia,

Colonial Williamsburg was reconstructed as an entire colonial town so the authentic atmosphere and ideals of the American Revolutionary War could be felt and experienced. Re-creaters dress as they did during the era, use colonial speech and work at professions that were popular during the day, all creating more than just a town but an actual living history museum. 


Berkley Plantation

Situated on the over 1,000 acres on the banks of the James River, Berkley Plantation is the oldest three-story brick mansion in Virginia and was home to two United States Presidents. The first official Thanksgiving was held on the site of the Berkley Plantation on December 4th, 1619. The original home was constructed in 1726 and is now furnished with an outstanding collection of 18th century antiques. All interior tours are conducted by knowledgeable guides dressed in period costumes while the gardens and grounds can be explored at your leisure.


Colonial Williamsburg

So much to do and see! From the Governor’s Mansion to the Art Museums, take an archaeology walking tour of the 1607 Fort James and see the remains of the church where in 1614 John Rolfe married Pocahontas. Shopping includes unique shops and boutiques in historic Williamsburg along with wonderful restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops. There are over 20 guided and self-guided tours along with carriage rides, tours of the stables and blacksmith facilities and great entertaining and educational evening programs. 


Colonial Tavern Dinner

Featuring traditional old school American fare like pot pies, seasonal greens, root vegetables, soups and stews all served on reproduction table settings by authentic costumed servers. You’ll also enjoy fiddlers and storytellers strolling from table to table entertaining you with songs and tales from the 18th century. 


Jamestown Festival Park

Site of the first successful English settlement in the New World, Jamestown is now home to two indoor living history museums with exciting gallery exhibits along with outdoor areas including replicas of the three ships that sailed from England, recreations of a colonist’s fort and a Powhatan Indian Village. 


Yorktown Victory Center

This premier American Revolution museum showcases our country’s struggle for independence. Historically accurate guides give tours of a recreated Continental Army encampment and a 1780s working farm. There is also a Declaration of Independence Gallery, exhibits featuring the war’s impact on regular citizens and how the development of the Bill of Rights came into being along with over 175,000 archaeological artifacts from the early colonial period and the American Indian and the African culture.