Travel Checklist Before You Go

Travel takes a lot of planning - we can attest to that at Good News Travels. But even if you have a great travel agency helping you to plan your dream vacation, there's still a couple things that you will have to do yourself in the months and weeks leading up to departure. Hopefully this list will ensure that you don't forget a thing!

Image Source: The Backpack Man

Image Source: The Backpack Man

Months and Weeks Before

1. If you're traveling out of the country, make sure you have all the necessary documents and that they're all up to date. Passports, Visas, travel insurance, etc. 

2. Fill any prescriptions that you may run out of while you're away.

3. Check the weather where you're going, and pack accordingly.

4. Tell someone else your travel plans, so they know where you are in case of an emergency.

5. Suspend your mail delivery, or get a friend to pick it up for you.

6. Make arrangements to board your pets, or hire a petsitter to come by.

7. Schedule the payment of any bills that may come due while you're away.

The Day Before

8. Charge all of your devices, and be sure to pack the chargers.

9. Make space on your phone for travel photos by transferring pictures to a computer or CD.

10. Lay out the clothes that you'll be wearing on the first day of your trip. This will be one less thing that you need to worry about before you hit the road. 

11. Take time to clean up around the house. It's always a pleasant surprise to return to a tidy home.

12. Get some cash from an ATM to have on hand for any minor purchases during the trip. Pro-Tip: Split up the cash in different locations (your wallet, your suitcase, etc) so that, if anything were to get stolen, you would not be completely without cash.

Image Source: Go World Travel Magazine

Image Source: Go World Travel Magazine

Are there any pre-travel checklist items that you always abide by? Let us know!!