Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, the town is maintained as a working, living history museum and functions as it did in the late 18th century. A major tourist attraction and part of the Historical Triangle of Virginia, students gain behind the scenes access to blacksmiths, artisans, and an accurate preservation of colonial architecture.


Shirley Plantation

Located on the U.S. Registry of Historic Places, Shirley Plantation is the oldest active plantation in Virginia and one of the oldest family-owned businesses in the country. The plantation dates its history back to 1613 when the land was first cultivated for tobacco to be shipped to England.


Yorktown Victory Center

The Siege of Yorktown on October 19, 1781, ended the Revolutionary war between American forces and the British. Visitors to the Yorktown Victory Center encounter historical exhibits on colonial life as well as recreations of daily life for the American soldiers.


Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown was the first successful English settlement on mainland North America. Founded in 1607, the living history museum and archaeological site now celebrate the 400th anniversary of this lasting colony.


Colonial Williamsburg

Williamsburg, VA was founded in 1699. Now maintained as a living history museum, students discover an accurate preservation of colonial life and architecture.

walking ghost

Evening Walking Tour

Walking tours provide an in-depth experience for travelers. Visitors are lead around the city to various exhibits and learn of old-world stories and intimate details of early colonial life.


Legends of the Past Tour

For visitors wanting a more eccentric experience, nightly legends and ghost tours treat visitors to tales of mystery and intrigue.


Governor’s Palace

Though the official residence of the governors of the Virginia Colony, the Governor’s Palace is perhaps more famous as the personal home of Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. The current Governor’s Palace was built in 1930 on the original site.


Colonial Living

Interactive sessions provide a hands-on experience for visitor, and expose them to not only the history of colonial life, but also provide a stark contrast to our 21st century way of living.


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