Los Angeles, California

A comprehensive tour around the city not only introduces people to the vibrant Hollywood scene, but offers insight into the arts and history that shaped this sunny destination. And sunny it is. With average temperatures in the 70s, Los Angeles proves a wonderful stop in any season.  


Hollywood Studios Tour

For a great behind the scenes tour, visit Hollywood Studios and see sets from popular television shows and movies.


Double Decker Hollywood Tour

Hop on or off this iconic Hollywood double decker bus tour at nearly any location. Travel as little or as long as you’d like for a tour of the city’s best sites.


Hollywood Walking Tour

Walking tours provide an up-close one of a kind Hollywood experience. Visit famous movie sets, see celebrities’ hidden hideaways, go inside places normally closed to the public, and walk in the footsteps of the Movie Stars.


Hollywood Museum

For the movie buff, over 10,000 items are on display at the Hollywood Museum. Memorabilia from Hollywood’s top cinematic features are all on display.


Wildlife and Beach Tour

Travel away from the city for an eco-friendly tour along the beach. The tour offers wildlife, ocean views, and an emphasis on natural preservation.


Whale Watching Cruise

For a trip of grand proportions, head out to see. Guests may catch of glimpse of the blue whale (the largest mammal), dolphins, sea lions or other aquatic creatures.


Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

The largest natural museum in the west, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles offers a detailed look at the world around us. Visitors can see our world from the smallest creatures to precious gems to dinosaurs.


Museum of Tolerance

With an emphasis on tolerance and equality, the Museum of Tolerance takes visitors through the Nazi reign and impact of the Holocaust.


Historic Downtown LA Walking Tour

It’s easy to get caught up in the stars, but downtown LA has a history all its own. A tour around the city exposes visitors to the city’s historic sites and famous landmarks.

movie stars

LA Movie Stars’ Homes Tour

A popular trip for visitors, this guided bus tour points out LA’s most famous homes and biggest attractions.


Contemporary Downtown LA Walking Tour

Visit downtown LA for a tour of the city’s growing contemporary architecture.


California Science Center

Exciting and interactive exhibits await at the California Science Center. Guests can visit the IMAX, go on a moon walk or walk inside the human body.


The Peterson Automotive Museum

One of the top auto attractions in the nation, four floors of automotive history offer a wonderful trip for the car enthusiast. See the evolution of the automobile as well as its impact on society.


LA County Museum of Art

Seven buildings combine to form the County Art Museum. The largest collection of art on the west coast, the museum houses pieces from ancient times to the present day.



What trip to LA would be complete without a stop at Disneyland? From the rides to the characters to the history of Hollywood, Disneyland offers non-stop attractions for guests of all ages.


Highlights shown above are just a few of this area's top attractions.
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