On The Road | Glenn Abbott


About Glenn

Glenn retired from teaching World History for over 30 years at Seneca High School in Oconee County in 2006.  He always had a passion for travel.  Glenn decided to share his passion withhis students, and in 1986, started organizing trips for his students to New York City.

 "It was amazing to see them experience the wonder of a big city for the first time. "

Highlights included The World Trade Center, a Broadway Play, the Statue of Liberty, guided tours from SoHo to Central Park as well as Art and History museums. For many students, experiencing a Broadway play was the highlight of the trip.  After 9/11, our school quit doing student tours, and I began using Good News Travels where he was able to continue managing trips.  When Glenn decided to retire John Tribble, owner of GOOD NEWS TRAVELS approached Glenn about the opportunity to manage tours for GNT. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity.  

"This job has allowed me the opportunity to share experiences with other teachers and students. "

We chatted with Glenn about his experience as a Good News Travels Tour manager...

Best Trip

I never tire of going to New York City. It is the one destination that everyone should experience.  Washington DC is also a favorite destination. I have also managed some adult groups on a Circle Tour of Michigan, the Colorado Trains Tour,  and a tour to San Antonio. Other student destinations have included Chicago, Chattanooga, and Charleston, SC.  Each tour is unique. I enjoy the challenges of the expected and the unexpected.  I have always viewed travel as an adventure and an experience not to be missed.  

Travel Musts

I cannot travel without my cell phone, my tour manager notebook (when managing trips), a comfortable pair of shoes, and rain gear.