Bill Evans 


About Me

Hi, I'm Bill Evans from Simpsonville, South Carolina. In June 2017, I retired after teaching 28 years at Hillcrest High School and ended a 33-year teaching career. My heart was full in the classroom as I saw students grow in confidence and self-esteem while pursuing and appreciating their education. My wife Maria and I live in Simpsonville, SC and have three children who have careers of their own. My family is bi-lingual (English/Spanish); I met and married my wife in Puerto Rico while on a work assignment with Fluor-Daniel and lived there for eleven years. I have always had a yearning for travel and have had the privilege of enjoying a cruise in the Caribbean and Alaska. Also, I have travelled extensively in the United States with my students in competitive speech and debate. Therefore, the opportunities offered by Good News Travels is a great fit for me. 

Best Trip 

I've never had a bad trip, but one of the most memorable ones occurred when I took my academic team from the high school to compete in a National Competition in Chicago. When we got to the airport, I realized that most of them had never flown. My first grade son was along and he told them about what they could expect. He had been on several other flights with us. 

Why GNT? 

Customization - an experience designed by you and your group and executed by our team at Good News Travels. GNT will make your adventure with us fun and memorable. 

Once I'm selected as your Tour Manager I get an itinerary of our trip and start studying and reviewing it to iron out the details.  My focus is on ensuring that you and your group maximize your time and experiences together. I handle all of the logistics - confirming reservations, scheduling drop-offs and pick-ups, handling any changes that occur, and work with your group leader - to assure your experience with GNT is enjoyable and memorable. 

Travel Musts

One should always have an umbrella and a light coat for quick changes in weather. A cell phone is a must in today's travels because of immediate accessibility. Of course the trip itinerary in a travel case is expected.