Jane Trexler

HI!  I’m Jane Trexler from Greenville, South Carolina, and and I am your future GNT Tour Manager for an adventure that awaits!  We will explore the world and experience travel like never before!

About Me

I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband Mark Trexler and two English Springer Spaniels: Colby and Bruster.  I was a Branch Manager for First Union Bank before I retired to start a family.  I am the mother to Haley and Whitney, along with a son-in-law- Harry.  Whether it was a day trip to a pumpkin patch or a school trip to Italy, I was always the first in line to sign up,   When I became an empty nester, I looked for other opportunities to learn about new places.  Upon leaving a tennis luncheon the fall of 2013, I expressed my desire to travel and create lasting friendships to the owner of Good News Travels...I guess you could say the rest is history!

Why GNT?

 One word...Personalization.  We personalize everything about your trip...even the tour manager! With GNT, I have the opportunity to make the Tour Manager role a part of your group “family”. This bond creates lasting friendships.

My Duties 

My job begins before the trip ever takes place. Whether it is confirming reservations, getting cash allotments, or making special accommodations,  a well planned trip makes for little wasted time and surprises! While on the trip, I keep our group on schedule, pay any expenses, and take care of any situations that may arise on the trip. My favorite duty is getting to know each and every one of the trip participants. I love making these personal connections and enjoy these friendships long after the trip is over.

Travel Musts 

I never leave home without a raincoat, umbrella, fleece jacket, light blanket, small pillow, ipad , sunglasses and my phone!  I like to pack these in a small bag that I can keep on the motorcoach during the length of the trip.  

Final Thoughts

Travel is not only a way to broaden our knowledge, but also a way to understand other cultures.  Through travel we are able to experience life in our chosen destination and learn to appreciate their differences.  I like to say that travel doesn't quench our thirst; it only wets our whistle to explore even more.  I would like to be a part of that journey with you.