Glenn Abbott


About Me

Hi, Iā€™m Glenn Abbott. I retired from teaching World History for over 30 years at Seneca High School in Oconee County in 2006.

I have always had a passion for travel. In 1986 I started organizing trips for my students to New York City. It was amazing to see them experience the wonder of a big city for the first time. Highlights included The World Trade Center, a Broadway Play, the Statue of Liberty, guided tours from SoHo to Central Park as well as Art and History museums.

For many students, experiencing a Broadway play was the highlight of the trip. I used a local tour company and after a couple of trips they allowed me to manage my own trips. After 9/11, they quit doing student tours, and I began using Good News Travels. They allowed me to continue managing my trips.

When I got ready to retire John Tribble asked me if I would be interested in managing tours for GNT. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. This job has allowed me the opportunity to share experiences with other teachers and students. 

Best Trip 

I never tire of going to New York City. It is the one destination that everyone should experience. Washington DC is also a favorite destination. I have also managed some adult groups on a Circle Tour of Michigan, the Colorado Trains Tour, and a tour to San Antonio. Other student destinations have included Chicago, Chattanooga, and Charleston, SC. Each tour is unique. I enjoy the challenges of the expected and the unexpected. I have always viewed travel as an adventure and an experience not to be missed. 

Travel Musts 

I cannot travel without my cell phone, my tour manager notebook (when managing trips), a comfortable pair of shoes, and rain gear.