Sandra Woodham


About Me

Hello, my name is Sandra Shaw Woodham. I am a tour manager with Good News Travel of over 10 years. I am married and have two children. 

I am a retired school teacher in the public school systems and private. My last teaching assignment was at New Heights School in Columbia, South Carolina. 

I have always enjoyed traveling. Some of my fondest childhood memories involved family trips in the summer.

We packed a basket of food and cold drinks and took to the open road. We visited family and friends over the United States in our trusty old Ford. 

During my teenage years, I had the opportunity to travel alone on the bus or train. The passing scenes from the windows helped me to discover the diversity of our nation and its people. As an adult, I picked up the mantle from my parents and took my children on trips to see the United States, small towns, big cities, and open meadows. 

The travel bug affected my teaching career. I wanted my students to know there was much to learn outside the walls of the classroom. My last field trip with my students was to 

Williamsburg, Virginia. The parents voted to travel with Good News. Their brochure and initial contacts with the company made it an easy decision. Every detail was handled with precision. We only had to raise the money for the trip and pack our bags. 

On the morning of our departure a large coach arrived at our school. I met the driver and our tour manager for the first time. Our trip was a grand success. Everyone had only praise for Good News. 

Due to this trip, and at the suggestion of our tour manager, I decided that Good News would be an excellent choice for a second career. I took the training and apprenticed under a seasoned tour manager. I was totally hooked. 

Best Trip

As a tour manager, I am afforded the opportunity to interact with students and adults. I enjoy meeting and talking to each group. They often call me Miss Sandy. I never turn down a hug and warm words of appreciation. I love to sing and sometimes share music when appropriate. I can catch up with the latest education strategies and expectations from teachers. I once had a student who was afraid to take a ferry. I spent a bit of time with them and explained what a neat experience it would be. Afterwards, I received thanks and bubbling words of excitement. 

I took an adult group to Canada. Most had never been outside the United States. They were amazed at the similarities and differences. I wish more people would catch the travel bug and discover for themselves the wealth of cultures, environments, and traditions that can only be captured through experiences. 

Travel Musts 

I now understand what “less is more” is all about. When traveling, I pack comfortable shoes and clothing, raingear, camera, and a good dose of patience and humor. 

I really enjoy doing something that broadens my horizons. Every trip is a pleasure with unique challenges. I relish being flexible and being the problem solver. What a fabulous job!!! I help make people happy and relaxed.