Linda Eskew

Tour Manager Linda Eskew

About Me

Hi, Iā€™m Linda Eskew. I have lived in Powdersville for 11 years. I grew up in Greenville. I've been married to my husband, Ron, for 37 years, and we have two married children.  We are expecting our first grandchild in November. In 26 years, our family has moved 14 times.  My husband was in the military. We were able to see much of the country, and over the years, I fell in love with travel. When I became an empty nester, I thought becoming a Tour Manager sounded adventurous, so I pursued it.

Best Trip

I've enjoyed all my trips. During my trip to The National Flight Academy in Pensacola, FL, we experienced immersive learning adventures aboard the world's largest simulated aircraft carrier.  We lived in a multi-story 102,000 square foot facility filled with flight simulators, and virtual reality games.  We all were given a mission with squadrons and competed to successfully finish the task.  Each team had to practice critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and communication to get through their mission.  This experience opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Why GNT?

I love meeting new people. I've always thought of strangers as friends you simply haven't met yet.  I love to see new places and experience new things. By far, the relationships made along the way are my favorite. 

Travel Musts

Every trip, I take my umbrella, phone charger and extra battery, reading glasses, pillow, and blanket.